v. 30
  Words from the Fire: Poems by Jidi Majia translated by Jami Proctor Xu and edited by Frank Stewart    
v. 29
Eyes of the Heart and Selected Plays by Catherine Filloux edited by Frank Stewart Mountain/Home: New Translations from Japan guest-edited by Leza Lowitz
v. 28
Curve of the Hook: An Archaeologist in Polynesia, a book-length interview with Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto by Hiroshi Aramata
Red Peonies: Two Novellas of China by Zhang Yihe guest-edited by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping
v. 27
Story Is a Vagabond: Fiction, Essays, and Drama by Intizar Husain guest-edited by Alok Bhalla, Asif Farrukhi, and Nishat Zaidi The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean Poetry guest-edited by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Chung Eun-Gwi
v. 26

Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore guest-edited by Fiona Sze-Lorrain Islands of Imagination I: Modern Indonesian Plays guest-edited by John H. McGlynn and Cobina Gillitt
v. 25
Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World guest-edited by Trevor Carolan Bright as an Autumn Moon: Fifty Poems from the Sanskrit translated by Andrew Schelling
v. 24
Sky Lanterns: New Poetry from China, Formosa, and Beyond guest-edited by Fiona Sze-Lorrain On Freedom: Spirit, Art, and State guest-edited by Fiona Sze-Lorrain
v. 23
Living Spirit: Literature and Resurgence in Okinawa (out of print) guest-edited by Katsunori Yamazato Almost Heaven: On the Human and Divine edited by Frank Stewart
v. 22
Andha Yug: The Age of Darkness translated by Alok Bhalla Wild Hearts: Literature, Ecology, and Inclusion guest-edited by Anjoli Roy
v. 21
Voices from Okinawa: Featuring Three Plays by Jon Shirota guest-edited by Katsunori Yamazato Lucky Come Hawaii edited by Frank Stewart
v. 20
Gates of Reconciliation: Literature and the Ethical Imagination guest-edited by Barry Lopez Enduring War: Stories of What We Have Learned edited by Frank Stewart
v. 19
Crossing Over: Partition Literature from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh guest-edited by Sukrita Paul Kumar http://manoajournal.hawaii.edu/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_19-2sm.gif Maps of Reconciliation: Literature and the Ethical Imagination guest-edited by Barry Lopez
v. 18
Beyond Words: Asian Writers on Their Work guest-edited by Brent Fujinaka http://manoajournal.hawaii.edu/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_18-2small.jpg Where the Rivers Meet: New Writing from Australia guest-edited by Larissa Behrendt, Barry Lopez, Mark Tredinnick
v. 17

Blood Ties: Writing across Chinese Borders guest-edited by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping Vārua Tupu: New Writing from French Polynesia guest-edited by Kareva Mateata-Allain and Alexander Mawyer
v. 16
In the Shadow of Angkor: Contemporary Writing from Cambodia guest-edited by Sharon May Jungle Planet and Other New Stories guest-edited by Bruce Fulton, Eric Gamalinda, Leigh Saffold, Arthur Sze, John Whalen-Bridge
v. 15
Mercury Rising: Contemporary Poetry from Taiwan guest-edited by Arthur Sze and Michelle Yeh The Mystified Boat and Other New Fiction from China guest-edited by Herbert J. Batt
v. 14
Two Rivers: New Vietnamese Writing from America and Viet Nam guest-edited by Kevin Bowen and Nguyen Ba Chung Century of the Tiger: One Hundred Years of Korean Culture in America guest-edited by Jenny Ryun Foster, Frank Stewart, Heinz Insu Fenkl
v. 13
Silence to Light: Japan and the Shadows of War guest-edited by Leza Lowitz Secret Places: New Writing from Nepal guest-edited by Samrat Upadhyay and Manjushree Thapa
v. 12
Silenced Voices: New Writing from Indonesia guest-edited by John H. McGlynn Song of the Snow Lion: New Writing from Tibet guest-edited by Tsering Shakya and Herbert J. Batt
v. 11
http://manoajournal.hawaii.edu/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_11-1.jpg Land beneath the Wind: Writing from Malaysia guest-edited by K.S. Maniam and Daizal Rafeek Samad The Wounded Season: Writing from Korea guest-edited by Susie Jie Young Kim
v. 10
The Zigzag Way: Avant-Garde Poetry from China guest-edited by Arthur Sze Inland Shores: Writing from Western Canada guest-edited by Charlene Gilmore
v. 9
Homeland: Writing from New Zealand guest-edited by Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan Century of Dreams: Writing from the Philippines guest-edited by Eric Gamalinda and Alfred A. Yuson
v. 8
Stories and poems from the Pacific Coast of South America; poetry guest-edited by James Hoggard Seeing the Invisible: Women's Fiction from Korea guest-edited by Bruce Fulton
v. 7
Fiction from Japan guest-edited by Leza Lowitz Writing from Viet Nam guest-edited by Nguyen Nguyet Cam and Kevin Bowen
v. 6

Post-Tiananmen Square poetry from the People’s Republic of China guest-edited by Arthur Sze Fiction, poetry, native folk tales, and essays from the Russian Far East guest-edited by Adele Barker
v. 5
Fiction, poetry, plays, and interviews from the Pacific Islands guest-edited by Vilsoni Hereniko Fiction, poetry, and memoirs from Australia guest-edited by Christina Thompson
v. 4
Fiction and poetry from the Philippines guest-edited by Alfred A. Yuson Fiction and poetry from Mexico guest-edited by Hernan Lara Zavala and Darlaine Mahealani Dudoit
v. 3
Fiction and poetry from Indonesia guest-edited by John McGlynn Fiction by women from Japan guest-edited by Masao Miyoshi
v. 2
Fiction, poetry, and oral narratives from Papua New Guinea guest-edited by David Roskies and Darlaine Mahealani Dudoit Fiction from Korea guest-edited by Kim Uchang
v. 1
    The only literary journal published by the University of Hawai‘i Press, MĀNOA launches with a spring-fall issue featuring PRC fiction guest-edited by Howard Goldblatt.