Japanese Consul General at the Bishop Museum

Consul General Yasushi Misawa and Mrs. Misawa visited Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto at the Bishop Museum on May 12. Dr. Sinoto and his colleagues shared with the Misawas an ongoing project: a database of documents and artifacts related to Japanese immigration to Hawai‘i. Among the thousands of artifacts collected by and stored at the museum are guest-house ledgers, kitchen equipment, and household items.

Ko Un at the Library of Congress

Korean poet Ko Un is often cited as a contender for the Nobel Prize for literature. MĀNOA most recently published him in its winter 2015 issue, The Colors of Dawn, guest-edited by Brother Anthony of Taizé.

On September 19, Ko Un, Brother Anthony, and MĀNOA editor Frank Stewart will be appearing at the Poetry and Literature Center, of the Library of Congress, as part of a series on literature in translation. On September 20, they will be at George Washington University.

Hiroshi Aramata on Dr. Sinoto’s achievements

Hiroshi Aramata interviewed Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto in Honolulu in the 1990s, and out of this series of interviews came two books. The original, Rakuen Kōkogaku, was published in Japanese by Heibonsha Ltd., of Tokyo.

Friends and Associates for Yosihiko Sinoto

Added a page to our Curve of the Hook site. See “Friends and Associates” for pictures and text complementing the material in our summer 2016 volume.

Korean events at University of Hawai‘i

Next week are two University of Hawai‘i–Mānoa events at which we’ll be offering copies of The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korea Poetry for purchase:


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