Haiku and literary sketches of Takahashi Mutsuo

Readers of On Freedom: Spirit, Art, and State will remember the excerpt from poet Takahashi Mutsuo’s haunting memoir, The Snow of Memory. This winter we are publishing his haiku and his literary sketches of his home in the seaside city of Zushi. On our Facebook page, we’ve included excerpts from the sketches, accompanied by photographs taken by Jeffrey Angles, his translator.

Other writers in Mountain/Home, our winter 2017 issue, include Yoshioka Minoru, Lady Murasaki, Lady Nijō, Natsume Sōseki, Kurahashi Yumiko, Dazai Osamu, and Ayukawa Nobuo. Translators in addition to Angles are Emiko Miyashita, Eric Selland, Charles De Wolf, Peter MacMillan, S. Yumiko Hulvey, Ralph McCarthy, Shogo Oketani, and Leza Lowitz.

Our thanks to Leza Lowitz for guest-editing Mountain/Home.