Hiroshi Aramata on Dr. Sinoto’s achievements

Hiroshi Aramata interviewed Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto in Honolulu in the 1990s, and out of this series of interviews came two books. The original, Rakuen Kōkogaku, was published in Japanese by Heibonsha Ltd., of Tokyo.

Mr. Aramata is described on Wikipedia as “a Japanese author, polymath, translator and specialist in natural history, iconography and cartography” whose “most popular novel was Teito Monogatari (Tale of the Capitol), which has sold over 5 million copies in Japan alone.” About Dr. Sinoto, he has written,

It is indeed fortunate for the world that Dr. Sinoto, a Japanese scholar, put his heart into South Pacific archaeology. Without being bound to the fixed idea that virtually no past exists in tropical islands, Dr. Sinoto has discovered and restored ancient remains. This is nothing short of miraculous, an invaluable gift to the spiritual culture of modern Polynesia.