Brazilian writing in translation

Vitória, the capital of the southeastern state of Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit), is located on a small island, which is connected to the continent by various bridges. One bridge, Terceira Ponte (third bridge), is the second-highest in Brazil and connects Vitória to the city of Vila Velha. (Caption and photo by Noah Perales-Estoesta)

MĀNOA will be expanding its coverage of literature from the American continent in a big way next year. Assistant editor Noah Perales-Estoesta and Words without Borders editor Eric Becker met in 2016, when they were Fulbright scholars in Brazil, and are now working together on an issue of contemporary Brazilian literature. They envision a volume that adds marginalized Brazilian voices—Afro-Brazilians, indigenous communities, immigrants, and writers from beyond Rio and Sao Paulo—to the chorus of metropolitan writing in the literary mainstream.